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  • Spill-proof and safer coolant refilling: Eliminates spills and ensures a clean and efficient process.
  • Versatile functionality: Straight extensions and 45° elbows accommodate most vehicles on the market.
  • Funnel with scale: Allows precise measurement of coolant for accurate refilling.
  • Included fluid stopper: Prevents drips and air bubbles during funnel removal.
  • Durable and convenient design: Made with quality materials for long-lasting performance and hassle-free coolant refilling.

The 19Pc Spill-Proof Radiator Coolant Refilling Funnel Kit is designed for convenient and safer coolant refilling. It eliminates spills and ensures a clean and efficient process. The kit features versatile functionality with straight extensions and 45° elbows to accommodate most vehicles on the market. The funnel comes with a scale for precise measurement and the included fluid stopper prevents drips and air bubbles. With clear instructions and a variety of adapters, this kit is suitable for both domestic and imported vehicles. The durable construction and convenient design make coolant refilling hassle-free.


  1. Install the correct-sized adapter into the corresponding cap. Ensure the gasket is positioned downward. Tighten the cap with the adapter to prevent leaks.
  2. If using a 45° elbow or extension, place the funnel after inserting the elbow or extension securely into the adapter opening.
  3. Slowly and carefully fill the funnel with coolant, filling it approximately one-third full.
  4. When running the engine with the funnel attached, ensure the fluid level remains low. Keep the RPM at idle. If the fluid level rises excessively, shut down the engine and wait for it to lower before restarting.

Warning: Do not open the cap if the radiator is hot! Opening the cap when the radiator is hot can cause hot fluid to erupt, resulting in potential burns and injuries. Wait for the radiator to cool down before removing the cap.

Package Includes:

  • Lid
  • 5 Funnels
  • 2 x45 Degree Elbows
  • Fluid Stopper
  • 5-inch Straight Extension
  • Large Cap A
  • Medium Cap B
  • Small Cap C
  • Threaded Cap D
  • Large Adapter A with Gasket
  • Medium Adapter B with Gasket
  • Small Adapter C with Gasket
  • Threaded Cap Adapter D with Gasket (GM)
  • Threaded Cap Adapter E with Gasket (Ford)



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