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DT Series Connectors Description:
Deutsch DT Series Connectors Deutsch DT series environmentally sealed connectors are the best choice for transportation and racing industry. These water resistant DT series connectors come with individual stamp pins for extra additional strength when assembling onto wires vs the crimps that sometimes slide off. These easy, quick connectors are great for boats, cars, trucks ATV UTV’S, motorcycles and any power sport.
Know for reliability, performance, and ease of service Deutsch DT connectors use the common contact system to provide an environmentally protected connection every time.
Stamped Formed Contacts: designed for use where wire termination costs are of primary concern without sacrificing reliability of electrical circuits. The stamped and formed contact series is made on a precision stamping machine using flat strip stock, then a durable and corrosion proof nickel plating is applied.
Deutsch DT Series Connectors: DT connectors are by far the most popular connector used in many automotive, industrial and Motorsport applications. Available in 2,3,4,6,8 and 12 pin configurations,makes connecting multiple wires together very easy.
Insertion Extraction Tool: This tool is a great multipurpose tool allowing the user to remove wedgleocks and also release pins and sockets on several Deutsch series connectors such as : DT,DTM,DTP,DTP,DRB,DTV and STRIKE Series. It is equivalent to DT-RT1 extraction tool.
Contact Removal Tools: Remove contacts without damaging wire, insulation, connector seals or connector bodies. Compatible with DTHD Jiffy Splice series. Ergonomically-designed tools offer a comfortable plastic handle and retractable protective cover that protects both the tool and the operator from inadvertent damage.
Great multipurpose tool allowing the user to remove wedgleock’s and also release pins and sockets on several Deutsch series connectors such as : DT,DTM,DTP,DTP,DRB,DTV and STRIKE Series.
The Extraction-Removal Tool is an excellent option for removing wedgelock’s and contacts on multiple series of Deutsch connectors
DT connectors offer field proven reliability and rugged quality. The DT design strengths include optional flange mounting, multi-pin arrangements, and design flexibility. Thermoplastic housings offer a wide operating temperature range and silicone rear wire and interface seals allow the connectors to withstand conditions of extreme temperature and moisture.
Series: DT,HD30,HDP20,DRC,HD10,DRB,DTV.AEC,STRIKE,Jiffy Splice
Contact Size: 16
Wire Range: 14-20
Insertion Tools : 14GA,16GA,18GA 20GA
Contact Style: Stamped Formed
Insulation:.075-.140 [1.90-3.55]
Contact Plating: Nickel
Gender: Pin/MaleCurrent Rating: 13 Amps Continuous
IP68 Waterproof
Packaged included:
15x DT04-2P 2-way receptacle with wedgelock
15 x DT06-2S 2-way plug with wedgelock
9 x DT04-3P 3-way receptacle with wedgelocl
9 x DT06-3S 3-way plug with wedgelock
9 x DT04-4P 4-way receptacle with wedgelock
9 x DT06-4S 4-way plug with wedgelock
6 x DT04-6P 6-way receptacle with wedgelock
6 x DT06-6S 6-way plug with wedgelock
2 x DT04-8P 8-way receptacle with wedgelock
2 x Dto6-8S 8-way plug with wedgelock
2 x DT04-12P 12-way receptacle with wedgelock
2 x DT06-12S 12-way plug with wedgelock
180 x 1062-16-0122 # 16 stamped female
180 x1060-16-o122 # 16 stamped male
200 x 114017 White sealing blanks
5 x 1011-026-0205 Mounting brackets
1x 17 compartment heavy duty case

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36 × 26 × 26 cm


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