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Sirak Food 60 Pack Dalat Heating Lunch Box Container 23cm Round


It is a convenient recyclable container that is portable at any time without fire or electricity.

How to use:
The patented heating container has been made so that you may have awarm meal anytime anywhere.

  • Please place the lunch box on the even place
  • Please open the injection cap.
  • Please close the inlet cap after pouring the cold water of half a papercup(60~80cc).
  • It is getting warmer fi the content is mixed by opening the lid after about 7 minutes after the febrility.
  • The meal starts in 5 minutes!It keeps the food warm while you eat.


  • Please discharge separately after the meal.
  • The box is the PP recycling products.
  • The content of a heating element is environmentally friendly material.
  • Please process according to the waste disposal regulation after using.
  • Please be careful so that the children may not touch or eat.
  • Please be careful for the burn as the hot steam is emitted toward the heatedcontainer and water inject when the febrility is progressed.


Product Features:

  • The heating container is certified as eco-friendly.
  • For Climbing, Camping, Calamity, Fishing, Valley, Traveling


Product Included:

60x Lid
60x Inner container
60x Outer container
*Heating bag is not included


Product Specification:

Container 23cm Round:
Dimensions: (W) 237mm x (L) 190mm x (H) 100mm
Capacity: 1100cc
Total Weight: 73g
Material: High-Quality PP



9 kg


24 × 60 × 65 cm


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