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Origin: Anhui Province, China

Profile: Chrysanthemum Tea is a flower-based beverage extracted from chrysanthemum flowers. This style of tea is notorious in China as well as in western countries due to its medicinal utilisations.

Taste: Chrysanthemum tea has a light and floral fragrance and range from pale to bright yellow in colour.

Health Benefit:Due to its natural and energetic properties, Chrysanthemum tea is characterised with various health benefits that provide a cooling effect that enables to reduce high blood pressure, promote fever reduction, ease digestions and act as a liver detox.

Brewing Suggestions: 3 Chrysanthemum flower| 80 degree water | Steeping time 30 seconds | Re-infuse 4 times.

Storage Recommendation: After each use reseal the bag and tins tightly. We recommend to store this tea in a cool dry area, avoid storing in the kitchen as tea absorb smell easily.



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