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Origin: Chao Zhou, Guangdong Province, China

Year: Current Year

Profile: Dancong, also known as Phoenix Dancong, is a type of Oolong from the Guandong province, China. Literally translating to mean single bush, with its leaves roasted, to enhance and bring out its playful aromas.

Taste: Dan Cong leaves you with an array of fruity, floral and herbal notes.

Health Benefits: Dancong can reduce chronic health conditions such as heart diseases, inflammatory disorders, and high cholesterol levels while providing vital antioxidants and promoting superior bone structure, robust skin, and good dental health.

Brewing Suggestions: 7 grams of tea leaves | 90 degree water | Steeping time 10 seconds | Re-infuse 6 times.

Storage Recommendation: After each use reseal the bag and tins tightly. We recommend to store this tea in a cool dry area, avoid storing in the kitchen as tea absorb smell easily.



1 kg



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